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January 01, 2013


Artist creates 'undead babies' with vampire-like teeth and piercing red eyes

(Thanks to Danintustin)


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What do they mean "won't die"? They're zombies. They're already dead.

Punkin? Fyi, our Punkin makes reborn dolls and sells them. The difference in her dolls and these are hers are beautiful works of art. These are just creepy.

No creepier than most Cabbage Patch Kids to me. I swear those things come to life at night. "Youuuu adopted meeee, youuuu have to loovvvvvvve meeeee...."

Bitey Cathy.

Padraig are you trying to say you got another Cabbage Patch Kid for Christmas?

She should make one that sings "If I Only Had A Brain".

When the wife of Sir Ozzie calls something creepy, it causes one to pause and get grease the hand basket.

"creative Bean Shanine"?

Twilight was so...2012!

Some of these "babies" look to be a little long in the tooth...

Now playing: GoldFanger.

cindy, if I ever get a Cabbage Patch Kid as a gift, it's staying in the box, duct taped shut, with weights attached, and then I'm giving it a swimming lesson in the depths of Lake Mendota. And if I hear tap tap tap at the back door and I smell seaweed, I'm answering the door with a shotgun.

I wondered why my bank account has drained so much since I had kids.
'course it was kind of drained up to that point, but still.

Anyone else reminded of Cat on Red Dwarf? Would vampire babies or the woman making vampire babies be the worse evolutionary mistake?

I'm going to try scaring trick-or-treaters with some of these dolls next Halloween lol.

These reborn dolls are crazy. I've heard of some people paying thousands of dollars for one. You have to be either rich or dumb to pay THAT much for a friggin doll!

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