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January 05, 2013


Hot chocolate tastes best in orange mugs, study finds

(Thanks to The Perts)


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I am willing to offer extensive dedicated effort towards determining whether this same effect occurs with beer.

Don't know about the hot choc/orange mug thing, but I do know it's preferable to drink good wine out a cheap glass than bad wine out of an expensive one.

I do know that hot chocolate with a splash of orange liqueur, say Grand Marnier, is much superior to plain hot chocolate no matter the color of the mug.

That would explain this marketing tactic.

But cold milk tastes better in glass than plastic.

Did they test milk chocolate or rich chocolate?

Orangutans taste better in chocolate. Float two in your cocoa.

Oranges taste better in chocolate mugs.


Whoever provided the money for this study got mugged.

Hot Chocolate WBAGNF.. Oh! never mind

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