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January 23, 2013


Psychiatrist knits anatomically correct woolly brain

(Thanks to Ralph)


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knit wit

Just like grandma used to knit.

Of course, my grandmother would have said something quite snarky like, "Since you act like you need it, I'll just knit you a brain."

Big deal. I've knit several of those. Unfortunately I was trying to knit caps at the time. I'm not the best at following patterns.

Just how many psychiatrists are there at the ol' National Bureau of Economic Research?

(I can't figure out whether there should be none at all, or a whole lot.)

Knitting body parts is a good way of using up all those little odds and ends of yarn.

Jan, I want that pattern.

Can you wear it as a hat?

Knitted? Tho I'll hafta admit I dunno much about this ... um ... skill/talent ... this appears to more like crocheting ... which would be apropos in my case, becuz so many folks consider me to be a "crotchety old f@rt" ...
Granted, it's not so large an issue so as to make me knit my brow with thought, but ... which is it? Cotton, as the Good Doctor suggests in one sentence, or wool, as described in the next?
Must be the confusion of all that fuzzy thinking ...

Here you go cindy. Love the way the anus section calls for 'Angry Pink'.

wow, Jan - would that be virgin wool?

No ligirl, it would be wool from the part of the sheep which went over the fence last.

Come on -- I've had a wooly brain for years, fuzzy, some might say.

Back when I drank, some, I noticed those mornings when it felt like I had about 1/2 inch of fuzz growing from my skull inwards.
This usually accompanied that mouse that nested in my mouth.

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