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January 12, 2013


White House nixes calls for $850-quadrillion ‘Death Star’

(Thanks to The Perts and john harris)


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I never sign anything in front of a grocery store.

They also said they were too busy with a budget. Now, which was the fictional project?

"We don't destroy other planets."

Yeah, stick that in Uranus.

Well, then WHAT are they building on the dark side of the Moon?

This White House needs no help spending vast amounts of money on a ponderous, bureaucratic monstrosity populated by thousands of worker drones and notable for all the hot air coming out of its orifice, I mean "exhaust port"...

Strange. I thought ownership of a fully functioning Death Star was written into your second amendment...

If you haven't actually looked at the announcement, you've utterly missed this story.


Best. Official White House communique. EVER.

Petitition response.

•Why would we spend countless taxpayer dollars on a Death Star with a fundamental flaw that can be exploited by a one-man starship?


It's nice to know a nutty idea actually exists that's too expensive for them.

Such a project would create many jobs and an unprecedented opportunity for political pork wrangling within Congress.

Later on, as the Death Star (DS) neared completion, there would be protracted debate within the leadership of the Rebel Forces on whether it was morally acceptable to destroy the DS prior to it becoming operational as an attack on the still incomplete DS would put the lives of many electricians, carpenters and welders at great risk while not affecting Imperial Forces.

I thought Dave copyrighted the word "quadrillion," along with "gajillion."

Dick Cheney will be sooooo disappointed.

I'm all for it. So long as the Tea Party never gets within a gajillion miles of the thing.

"We don't destroy other planets."

Yeah, tell that to Pluto!

One $850-quadrillion dollar platinum coin would pay for the whole thing.

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