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January 02, 2013


The Warrington Wolves prop — who famously lost a testicle in this year’s Super League Grand Final — told his wife Shelley he was leaving her on the day after Boxing Day.

(Thanks to jon harris)


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Her reply: "Nuts!"

Paul Wood's not a bit testy in his testimony on the testicle injury. "Prolly will start wearin' a box." Good idea, Wood.

You always hurt the one you love.

He played for 40 minutes AFTER losing a Precious?
You know, I don't have a bad thing to say about him.
Nothing at all. No sir.

The front of that T-shirt has the AC/DC Highway To Hell album cover.

Er, how do I un-comment?

he really dropped the ball this time

Is there a halfback position in rugby?

Certainly is Meanie. There's also a hooker.

Now playing: Kurt Cobain's Half the Man I Used to Be.

He took the coach's invective to "go out there and have a ball" just a little too literally.

Sorry. Italics spam.

Oh no! I broke the blog!

This guy story could be even better with beer and a mention of Uranus. We are surprised that Dave did not alert on this.

Brit rednecks.

I'm deeply proud that I know even less about these people than I do about American sports figures.

Of course it goes without saying that "One-Ball Rugby Ace" WBA *excellent* NFARB.

He looks more like Snooki's type.

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