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January 09, 2013


The Monopoly people are planning to kill a token.

(Thanks to jon harris)


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You mean these guys"? The guy towards the right side already looks half dead.

The lion sleeps tonight, indeed!

I could do without the wheelbarrow but they had better not touch the scottie dog. That's always the piece I play with.

It's gotta be the thimble, cindy. No way can they take away the Scottie, or the racecar.

Having long ago lost various tokens from our game, we took to using different pieces to represent my family when playing ("You were the pretzel last time. It's MY TURN!").

We've done food (coffee beans, nuts, candy, doritos), chess pieces, guitar pics, vitamins, poker chips, miniature liquor bottles .....

When I was a kid I was the Scottie dog, my dad was the cannon, and my mom used the thimble. We played every Saturday night. Good times that I miss a lot.

This is obviously a cunning plan to remind people that Monopoly is still around.

I prefer Solar Quest.

I hope they have a write in line so I can vote for a screaming skull.

My sister and I used to have loads of fun playing with our cousins when we were kids.
Then, we learned there were actual rules...
Lord knows what and how we were playing before that, but it was fun.
Life is like that, sometimes.

Calvinball, the Board Game, eh Steve?

Norman! How much do I miss Calvin & Hobbes??

(Note to J.K. Rowling - Quidditch can't touch Calvinball for excitement!)

Sensible idea. Those old tokens were really outdated. They should reflect modern America, remove the top hat and replace it with some kind of assault rifle...

How Monopoly Games Helped Allied POWs Escape During World War II

Does anybody under the age of 40 even know what an iron is anymore?

Don't EVEN touch the HAT!

By the same token (snork?) does anybody under 40 know what a THIMBLE is?

Does anybody under 40 know what a BOARD GAME is?

Goodbye Thimble! It's not like anyone liked you, anyway. ;P

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