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January 07, 2013


If you’ve ever had the urge to stroll down the streets of downtown Fredericksburg naked, your window to do so legally is closing.

(Thanks to Jeffrey Brown)


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Performance Art is still allowed.

I've had dreams like that.
They start out OK, but then I begin to suspect there's not enough ham slices. And then the feathers start falling and, oh lord, the lawnmower starts and...
Where was I?

I prefer to do my nekkid strolling in UPtown Fredricksburg, myself. Way classier.

“We don’t want people walking around town with no clothes on here, no matter what their intent is, frankly,” she said.

And frankly, the people inclined to do so are nearly always the ones we don't want to see naked.

Whoa. Check out those arts!

So Norman, not only is the window closing, but the shades are being drawn as well?

In other quirks of Virginia law, a murder in the course of a felony is subject to the death penalty; murder to silence a witness 5 minutes after the felony is not. Or wasn't last time I read a story on the subject.

I'm always naked under my clothes. Hee hee.

Another dirty joke: poo. Hee hee.

In West Virginia it would be Buckwild so that leaves
Virginia with Buck Naked which simply means they one
upped their neighbor.Nothing like an obese redneck

If I strolled around in public naked, anywhere, all the windows would be rapidly closing!

The answer my friend is swinging in the wind. With apologies to Mr. Zimmerman.

Well, shoot. Now what am I going to do this summer?


*crosses visit to Fredericksburg off bucket list*

At least they'll always have the memories. General Lee and Ambrose Burnside frolicking naked in the wind.

Thanks Elon, the mental image of General Burnside frolicking naked was just what I needed this morning.

Since I'm trying to lose the winter weight...

Dunno. I think Braxton Bragg would be scarier.

Now that is nudes, I mean news you can use.

Yet another sad day for our civil rights… I suppose the next thing they’ll ban is our right to hide in bushes and leap out at unsuspecting pedestrians before opening our raincoats and making vulgar pelvis thrusts whilst shouting ‘Chestnuts! Chestnuts! Get them while they’re hot’.

Around here you can only do that near a school at less than 20 mph. There are signs with yellow blinkers that say "20 MPH When Flashing."

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