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January 19, 2013




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So you and your shark can just turn around and get RIGHT back on that subway and head on down the road, mister!

I never saw Shark-Free Marina open for Fishbone.

Loose sharks are of course always encouraged.

So if they're not caught yet are they allowed on the dock?

(What Meanie said, but without the sexual suggestiveness.)

Mack the Knife, proprietor.

Way back when, I went night fishing on a pier in NE Florida. I thought I'd be the only one.
Me and about 40 shark fishermen. It was totally legal, then.
They started the evening by pouring a 40-gallon drum of offal from a slaughterhouse into the water to bring in the "big sharks".
I looked at the water, where I'd been swimming just a few hours earlier and wondered, "How do the sharks know to go home when dawn comes?"
A couple of days later, it turned out that the sharks didn't know.

Does this include lawyers?

But payday lenders are still permitted?

Well, killing sharks has turned into an environmental problem. People should leave them alone, if they're not going to eat them.


They don't have this problem in Flathead County.

It just says CAUGHT sharks aren't allowed on the pier. If they come of their own free will, that's ok.

So is this a gang thing? The wharf is Jets' territory so the Sharks are banned? Stupid gang war musicals.

And what about Burmese Pythons? Are they allowed?

The sharks won't have any trouble getting a lawyer to help them protest that. It's family.

No doubt shark-free zones will work as well as gun-free zones.

Shark-free sounds good! i never allow sharks my own self!

No Caught Shark Allowed on Dock without Tie.

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