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January 09, 2013


Steven Seagal Owns a Bullet-Proof Kimono. This Is Not a Joke.

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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Isn't Steven Seagal naturally bullet-proof?

Steven Segal himself, however is a joke.

How's his brother Jonathan Livingston doing, by the way?

Why would he need it ? Is he geisha-ing at rap star parties ?

He really needs a critic-proof kimono to go with his thought-proof head.

Bullet proof? He should really get one that's impervious to harpoons.

I saw a news story about the company, and the piece they showed certainly looked like something he would wear..

Seagal is apparently some sort of martial artist? But I saw a trailer for a movie he was in … Something about a battleship? … And it looked as though he and the bad guy were having a slap fight.

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