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January 14, 2013


310 Pounds Of Marijuana Hidden In Frozen Carrots

(Thanks to queensbee, who says, "What's up, dude?")


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*snork* @ queenbee

- & an excellent source of vitamin Duh!

Well, they always said carrots were good for seeing things... that is, vision.

i always thought that Green Giant was a little too 'Jolly'

It's supposed to be good for your eyesight. You'll even see things that aren't there.

Isn't it supposed to be peas porridge in the pot?

and since we will no longer be able to get twinkies, either....

$500K for carrots?
Oh... now I understand.

Be vewwwwwy quiet ... I'm ... I'm .... hunting Dowitos.

Bugs Bunny: "What's up, doc dude?"

Meanie - It'thhhh Cheez-it season.

Make that "th-ea-thon"

Don't do thith.

Now I know why mom used to chew on carrots all day and smile all the time.

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