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December 21, 2012


Is this America's most lavishly decorated home? Neighbors' outrage at house with 180,000 lights, a 20ft Ferris wheel... and a miniature horse dressed as a reindeer

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Nothing says true religion like 180,000 lights and a funny looking horse.

Florida Power & Electric's favorite customer.

Want to cut down on foot traffic? Get a group to smoke cigars near every gathering.

Wow what a display. I hate to see his electric bill.

That was my first thought too Theresa. We have a guy that lives close to me that does the same thing however, the neighbors pitch in and help him with it. He has a bucket at the end of his driveway for donations to help pay his power bill and then he donates what's left over to St. Judes Hospital.

They passed 'gaudy' about 100,000 lights ago.

You know, one good Florida driver and a six pack would take care of this problem.

Paging Clark Griswold.

This guy is his own little source of global warming. If that display was up here in Frozen Cheeseland it would vaporize every falling snowflake before it could land.

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