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December 07, 2012


South Africa’s ‘Thighs of a Virgin’ school protests name change

(Thanks to Ralph)


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It was so called in honour of Chief Nhleko, “whose thighs were admired by local residents“.
I cannot even think of the last time I admired a politician's thighs. At least not to the point where I'd want a school named after him.

Why rename all of them? My HS was, in fact a "Tilongo". I served a four-year stint as an inmate there, and it felt like a lifetime!

What exactly do they teach in that school?

Math An Get Shitshi?

Where does the virgin come in?

Once they get shitshi'd, it's kind of hard to find a virgin.

If they let the kids vote they will name them all that one that means "prison".

One wonders what Chief Nhleko thought about his nickname. Him and Arthur "Two sheds" Jackson.

I keep telling you, I don't actually have two sheds, I was only thinking about getting a another one.

Us interviewers are more than a match for you, Two Sheds ...

I see your two sheds and raise you three boats!

Don't ask me what that means I live in Florida where we can't even count votes

So, what exactly is it that virgins have to thigh about? Can't be boyfriends, right?

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