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December 05, 2012


Trotify Makes Your Bike Sound Like a Galloping Horse

(Thanks to Omniskeptic)


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Those are coconuts!

i wanted that when i was 10!!

This was proposed as the solution to a classic Madison problem, to wit, when you're on a bike passing a pedestrian on a bike path, what is the best way to notify (or terrorize) the pedestrian?

Anybody who's spent time in Madison knows how drawn-out such discussions can get here.

Exactly, queensbee. I sent this to my brother in Portland, which should be a perfect fit.

Cowboy suit and plastic cap gun optional. Cap gun outlawed in NYC, Chicago and Madison.

Any guy has to admire someone who can come up with such an inventive, useless, Rube-Goldbergian contraption. Genius.

Would it drop nasty little gobs of grease-covered nuts and bolts behind it?
Would you be able to use your nose to tell where people were parking their bikes at night?

Noble Prize committee? Foryour consideration.

remember those horse-heads on a broom handle - allus kids had em. the fancy ones were made out of patent leather, they all had full manes.... do they even sell thos things anymore?

Queensbee: So you're saying "Remember the mane"?

That brings back old memories of a playing card attached to the bicycle with a clothes pin. The card brushed against the spokes, making what we imagined was a motorcycle noise. Good times.

The swallows are going to be more laden.

Coconut shells have been used to recreate horse trotting sounds since early radio days.

Do want.

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