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December 06, 2012


Duck head and fish sperm: 100 local delicacies

(Thanks to The Perts)


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I thought this was in Romania? Oh, no, that was Dick Head, not Duck Head. Never mind.

One question, no actually 2.

One: Why?

Two: I'll bet only GUYS like it.

Am I right or am I right?

Duck, duck, ewww?

Duck Head can open for Fish Sperm all they want, as long as they're not on my plate. Either of them.

Shakespeare originally included duck head and fish sperm in the ingredients the three weird sisters were brewing up, but his editor made him take them out. They were too much even for Tudor sensibilities.

When in Japan my native friends make sport of telling me what something is only after I've eaten it. Very entertaining for them. (Yes, I have had fish sperm sacs).

Roe vs. Wade.

OK, so it's actually Milt vs. Dabble; close enough.

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