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December 07, 2012


Hundreds of thousands of genetically modified mosquitoes set to be released into the Florida Keys in experiment to fight dengue fever

(Thanks to Oldfatguy and DaninTustin)

*What Could Possibly Go Wrong?


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What could possibly go wrong?

Isn't this how the whole love bug epidemic started?

Dear Florida: Stop genetically modifing insects and setting them free!

Dengue rhymes with Bengay, the muscle-pain ointment, right?

If the Floridians are lucky, the pythons will eat the mosquitoes. If they're not lucky, they will end up with mutant pythons that will sting you and give you Dengue fever. Or, python-sized mosquitoes that will squeeze you to death.

Does this company make genetically modified Kardashians?

Here in Florida we are very progressive on most fronts, it's just counting votes that we have issues with.

Obviously, these people have never watched the SyFy Channel.

Genetically modified how... to ride around in airboats and drink beer ?

We're gonna need a bigger can of OFF.

There's something about this story that really bugs me....

Woo hoo! New category!

I think WCPGR is overdue for this honor.

Perhaps soon the time will come for HMBIGTS.*

*Hold My Beer, I'm Gonna Try Something

Padraig: With a sub-topic of "YAGBTS".

"Y'all ain't gonna believe this...stuff?"

I thought there already was one for HMBAWT*?

*Hold My Beer And Watch This

I read a plea by an animal-rights person (read: idiot) once to spare the mosquito you find biting your arm. After all, it's too late to stop the itch. And she's just trying to get food for her babies.
Won't someone PLEASE think of the babies?
Yeah, I will. Thanks for the reminder.

It's an inaccurate story. This is a release of sterile male mosquitoes to cut down on numbers.

Love bugs are not genetically modified by the way. They are all natural.

What could possibly go rong? or go Wrong?

This can do nothing but help bring on the zombie apocalypse

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