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December 09, 2012


Large, Peanut-Shaped Asteroid Headed Toward Earth

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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"There may be more nonsense circulating about Toutatis than many other objects, but that's because it's a large object that makes repeated close flybys of Earth and has an interesting shape ..."

But authorities hoped that the cogent and well-informed comments provided by readers of humor blogs (who tend to be experts in the field of large objects with interesting shapes) would help balance the hysterical rantings of the doomsayers.

Peanut shaped??? Not exactly, but some of the letters are the same.

Hmmm... yeah. I think "peanut" is a intentional euphemism here.

PeaNUT, bill; peaNUT.

Hmm....given the er, shape of that thing, it might be appropriate to say Planet Earth could be well and truly f***ed.

The article aslo suggests "poorly built snowman" as a description of the shape. Personally, I'm going with "poorly-disguised alien spacecraft". How else are they going to keep an eye on us when their cloaking device fails?

Can we put a large top hat and a set of pince-nez specs on it when it goes by ? Because that would be...like... hilarious.

I don't know about "poorly-disguised." It's a better job than the one that dropped by last week and sold me a doorbell. Certainly better than that thing in the ghillie suit the Queen was talking to.

NASA needs to launch something in the shape of, lets say a peach to intercept this thing before it plunges itself into earth. Repeatedly.

*snork* at Clankie

I know - I thought pen!s-shaped too. Of course if/when it gets here it will probably be as big as Rush Limbaugh's heart.

Anybody take a look at the video on the side about the nut-busting monkeys? or the one about the poop-sniffing dogs?

Maybe the Mayans had massive peanut allergies and based their predicitons on this. preductions? predacshuns? oh well. for telling.

SMOD sure beats politics.

If that thing hits us, we're screwed.

Who would have thought the SMOD would look like a congressman anthony.

It may not hit, but it's well inside Uranus.

I dunno, kinda reminds me of my last husband. Divots and all.

I never said I was an over achiever.

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