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December 31, 2012


Replica of Michelangelo's David has penis cut off

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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Those pro-circumcision/anti-circumcision discussions have gotten a lot nastier.

I would like to go on record by saying I had nothing to do with this.

David is hoping they don't hire the Spanish lady who repaired that church icon to fix it.

Those terrorist bastards.

eBay. Just sayin'.

cindy, did you not see the "No Souvenirs" sign?

padraig I didn't think one teeny, tiny souvenir would hurt.

We could loan them Walter.

He has a serious case of "shrinkage". The marble(s) must be cold.

If the statue was 5.7m tall, that's about 7" of shlong. How'd you like to be the sculptor had to replace that?

The mohel messed up?

take the "learn it from me" and make it "learn something new each day."

I got no use for it. Tell me when they come for Venus's boobies.

They should change the name of the statue to Michelangelo's Ken and commission a Barbie.

Shame on those people that cut off the peter on a masterpiece. What's the matter with this world. That's an important part of this masterpiece.

If Woody had gone straight to the police....

(OK, that's a stretch)

I agree Theresa but fortunately this was a replica and not the original David. Come to think of it, has anyone thought that maybe the original David could be the culprit?

This had just better not show up on milk cartons.

Yes, it's just a copy. We can always make more.

Has anyone seen Lorena Bobbit lately?

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