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December 05, 2012


They do not always respond well to being scorned.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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No Dave, they NEVER respond well to being scorned.

And stay off my lawn!

The same thing happened to me the last three times I broke it off with women.

*sends flowers to poker's Mom*

Thanks Jeff.
I don't know what makes these women so crazy.

When Ms. McClain says, "Yo' Mama!" she means it.

A girl to whom I was once engaged called me to ask me to meet her at her brother's house.
The whole drive over there, I had two thoughts, repeating: Why did I ever teach her to shoot? And, which way should I go, left or right, if she came out blazing?
She wanted to apologize for driving me away and obviously hoped we could make another go of it.
We couldn't.
But they're not all psycho's.

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