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December 13, 2012


The Ladies of Manure 2013 Calendar

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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That gave me the urge to merge and purge at the same time.

Of COURSE its a joke. Everybody knows women don't read on the pot. Sheesh.

You had me at "based in Miami."

They're filthy!
I like that in a woman.

Poop Posse!

I have no words. But I need to poop.

It's a craptastic idea, except for the statement that "Anything that is not plastic, metal, or glass can be composted." Transuranic and gaseous elements, dense solids like cement, and hazwaste don't work very well. Neither does organic composting when raccoons and bears are around, although they would probably enjoy the models.

Guess a model doesn't do it in the woods like bears.

They have to think of their
#1's and #2's (funny) Not a very sensual calendar.

They smell of Chanel #2. It's a mucking shame.

I think some of them would clean up well...

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