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December 08, 2012


Catfish Have Learned How To Hunt Pigeons

(Thanks to David Hewitt)


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Let's hope they don't team up with the aquirrels.

Replace the goldfish around statues in the park fopr a win/win situation...

Well, technically, they've learned how to try to hunt pigeons. Their success rate seems a bit low.

Catfish stuffed with pigeon. Catfigeon?

Catfish are bottom feeders; apparantly there's nothing left on the bottom, and they've decided to improvise.
Puts a whole new slant on hand fishing for catfish (where you wade along and put your hand in the catfish hole to catch them, aka 'okie noodling').
Onmi: a 10% sucess rate here would be impressive. Admit it.

Sorry, I demand nothing but excellence from my bottom feeders. A hundred and ten percent is what it takes to succeed in my organization. Now, let's see, that would be, um, one pigeon per ... hmm. Let me get back to you on that.

That could explain the aquatic sound of the word "squab". It has always confused me.

If I may inquire, are they using 12 or 20 guage shotguns?

Or 410's perhaps?

If they can catch pigeons, surely they can be trained to catch squirrels. Then all we have to do is build koi ponds around our bird feeders.

Tastes like chicken. Dirty, dirty chicken.


Oh, come on! ... What do you want!?

Good evening. I'm working my way through the University of Carpathia, selling subscriptions to the Pigeon of the Month Club. Nice fresh-caught, free-range pigeons, local and organic, no GMOs, ...

You ought to try getting one of those things on a fish hook.
They just don't cooperate at all.

Any way we could convince them that republicans are good to eat?

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