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December 17, 2012


Drunk, naked man steals car in Pontiac, crashes into tree

(Thanks to Joseph McConnell)


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If a person steals a Pontiac in Pontiac, does it count as a two-fer or does the proximity cancel out the charges?

Good question. What if he steals a Dodge in Dodge? Or a Cadillac in...you get the point.

Meanwhile, my advice would be: fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son.

If that doesn't make him stop drinking nothing will.

Pontiac, Pontiac
I just want my Chevy back.

It's called a " Chebby ".

On the other hand, I can certainly empathize with his desire to leave Pontiac.

I assume he was assaulted by the tree?

What model Pontiac was he in? A Fiero? Chief? And if he already had a car, why did he need another one? Maybe that's why he crashed into the tree, because he was trying to drive two cars at once?

Pontiac being north of Detroit, I doubt whether he'd have made it to Florida. But if he had, FL would have been welcome to him.

They still make Pontiacs?

Nope. Along with the other P cars -- Plymouth, Packard, Phutney-Creech -- they're all gone. And if the current state government has its way, Pontiac the city won't be around much longer, either.

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