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December 10, 2012


Animal services officials retrieve monkey at Toronto Ikea store

(Thanks to The Perts)

Update: Apparently we already posted this. JWOCBF.*

*Judi will of course be fired.


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It's hell getting old, isn't it Dave?

Shouldn't that be JWOCBRF?*

*Judi will of course be RE-fired.

I thought even a monkey would have more class than to shop at Ikea

My brother-in-law was an animal control officer in Detroit. His best call was when he had to investigate a house that turned out to have 8 sheep (alive) in their basement.

Now we know who writes the Ikea assembly instructions.

Isn't that really how we all feel after trying to assemble IKEA furniture?

Who else would shop at a Toronto IKEA store ?

Was the monkey teaching Dave to assemble furniture or sign books?

I recently bought a bookcase at Ikea and of course had to assemble it with their cr@ppy instructions. I ended up nailing the thing together and it looks pretty good! I tell people that see it that I like the rustic look.

What is it about a monkey in a coat that just cracks me up?

When I was about 6, my mother took me shopping for school clothes. We went to an odd store that also had a pet department, which I always ran right for, animal lover that I am. They had two monkeys in a cage, and one of them was pleasuring himself right in front of me, and I mean vigorously. I can still see the look on that monkey's face.

Forget the coat -- they all belong in straight jackets IMHO.

Update on "Darwin."

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