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December 13, 2012


Today's Census figures show that 176,632 people in England and Wales identify themselves as Jedi Knights, making it the most popular faith in the "Other Religions" category on the Census and the seventh most popular faith overall.

(Thanks to Loudmouth)


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I find your lack of faith disturbing

It's a religion? I thought it was a martial art.

Alrighty then......

They've been looking in Alderaan places

I know where this started. Ever work on a British car with a Lucas electrical system? Trust the force, indeed! Who ever designed a car with a hot ground deserves to clean the loo on the Death Star!

When I was a small PirateLad, my Sunday School played softball against a group of Jedi followers. We lost, badly. It turns out their pitcher was eventually named Wookie of the Year.

"[T]he number of Jedis has dropped by more than 50 per cent over the past 10 years..."

Sounds like the Dark Side may be winning.

A friend, who rode a Triumph, had a t-shirt that read "Lucas, Prince of Darkness".

Wiredog: A special page, we can both relate to:

Lucas, Prince of Darkness

The druids are distraught.

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