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December 07, 2012


Police say a northeastern Pennsylvania man stole his ex-girlfriend's engagement ring on Thanksgiving in hopes of patching up his relationship with his wife.

(Thanks to Spotsie)


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Smooth indeed.

Investigators say Albritton had gone to his ex's home to drop off a check and thank her for not involving the police in another matter.

I think we've heard enough. Officer, take him away.

Something tells me this guys chances of ever being involved in a long term relationship are, well, long.

Scranton police say 35-year-old Donald Albritton swiped the ring while his former girlfriend made Thanksgiving dinner and later gave it to his current wife.

As punctuated, this says the former girlfriend gave Thanksgiving dinner to the wife. Caveat uxor...

Shoddy journalism. No picture of the ring.

Ladies, here's a guy who has, "I'm a bad boy and I need the love of a good woman to reform" written all over him.
Ow. Quit throwing those!
Isn't that how it works much of the time?

He was merely recycling, it’s the green thing to do!

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