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December 18, 2012


An Illinois woman faces an aggravated domestic battery charge after burning the skin off of her boyfriend's testicles while running him over with a car, prosecutors said.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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What a great Twofer!

So was that burning the testicles IN ADDITION to running him over with the car? Cuz that takes mad dexterity! I gotta go back to yoga class.

Didn't Burning Testicles open for The Who?

Mikey - no it was the Talking Heads.

"Hell Hath no Fury....etc"


Oh yeah, You are right. Burned Testicles opened for Meat Loaf.


"...tore the skin from his testicles, which requires surgery to properly repair."" Don't want to know about improperly repaired testicles.

Whooo Hooo! One week until Christmas and eight days until they put the Valentine candy out in the stores!

That's what he gets for standing there in the street, reading Balzac....

This is an outrage!


Hey, I heard some guy shot up a kindergarten class. See if you can find out about it, that's gotta be good for laffs!

Why did the moron lie down in front of her car?

He was probably trying to get her face out of view.

That's one mean "witch", which is not the first word that came to mind.

I wish Dave or Judi would remove You's comment. Very insulting and very much in bad taste.

At the same time? What is she? Elastigirl? Or did she attach a toaster coil to the bottom of the car?

Double PMS.


Somebody clearly believes the wall-to-wall sensationalist media coverage we are currently experiencing simply ISN'T ENOUGH!

Someone needs a hug or a bikini wax.

A useful definition with reference to You's post.

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