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December 03, 2012


Geek dad builds helicopter to follow his son to the bus stop

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Where do the hellfires go?

Anyone else remember Dad droning on?

and i thought my parents were ovrprotective.

Yes, it is a double standard. I'd like to have a drone to track my daughter for when she goes on dates. My son at the fraternity -- I don't want to know.

Now Dad can watch the other kids take sonnie's lunch money from the safety of his own home

"My child's drone shot down your honor student's science project!"

If I did that, my kid would figure out the Point of No Return and have a friend pull up in a car and offer candy.

"My child's drone shot down your honor student's science project!"

Blog software is actin' a mite funny today, I notice.

Omni' ... I think it's all the heat frum those digital fires ...

And won't this Dad and his son have a great relationship when junior starts dating and Dad keeps droning.

Since everyone everywhere is getting spy drones learning how to avoid them will be a valuable life skill.

I'm applauding the proactive parenting!

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