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December 26, 2012


VINNY FROM 'JERSEY SHORE'  I Wanna Be a Politician

(Thanks to Ralph)


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He's gonna have to put on some pounds if he wants to challenge Christie.

Stop the presses - "I actually have a brain," Vinny claims.

Maybe if we drop him and Snooki together next week it will make a bigger splat.

I thought if you have a pulse in Jersey, you're automatically in politics? As opposed to Illinois where they skip the pulse requirement. But if he has a brain, he's out of the running here.

"...sex, booze and drama."
Isn't that how the Kennedys got their start? And their continuing?
And their future?

He can't be any worse than Bloomberg. btw blog guys, if you keep staring at the picture of the woman bending over in the bikini, you're going to go blind. Trust me. I'm a nurse.

OK, Cindy, where was the bikini woman, and where were you on they possum drop? You are supposed to keep us up to date on current events in NC.


So Vinny IS from Jersey Shore. I was wondering who he was.

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