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December 05, 2012




("Thanks" to ScottMGS)


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...um, wow.

i thought they were god's chosen puppets

*grabs tinsel & lights for hand basket*

That is really and truly creepy.

Of course so are these.

Which year?

Jeff, the "My Lips Are For Blowin'" girl needs to get together with "A Taste of Dick Black."

As Bela said in "Ed Wood", "Pull the string!"

In another life I worked for an evangelical Christian book publisher. One of their titles was The Total Woman, which held that to achieve true happiness, a woman has to submit to her husband in all things (and I mean ALL things, IYKWIM). There was a photo of the author, and she was wearing some kind of similar frippery, though I don't remember any strings.

My girlfriend read the first couple of chapters and immediately renamed the book The Doormat. I expect one day she and I will meet again, in the handbasket.

Horrifying, yet strangely terrifying.

That is just not right.

That guy in the center of the Orleans LP jacket? Now a US congressman.

I actually have the bad album covers page bookmarked. I review it from time to time, just to remind myself (in the same way watching "COPS" reminds me) that the people I've worked with over the years aren't absolutely the biggest idiots who ever lived. There are bigger ones.


Savela Joranovic (sp?) has more hair on her legs than I do. {{O_O}}

I think that "Ken" cover has appeared in every single "Worst Album Covers" post ever made.

Looks like Alan Alda suffering from Max Klinger-itis.

Alkali, John Hall lost his seat in the 2010 election.

Whatever happened to Joyce is what I want to know.

This is wrong at all the Levels of Dante's levels of hell.

Now, now, most of those people are probably playing in god's heavenly choir.
Picture that before you go to bed tonight.

And some people say God doesn't have a sense of humor.

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