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December 14, 2012


Now it's statue attacks.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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I'm gonna sculpt you sucka.

As we were leaving the Obama election rally in 2008, my son looked at one of the statues on Michigan Avenue.

"That statue looks familiar," he said.
"There is an iconic photo from the 1968 Demoncratic Convention riots of that spot. It was a rallying point for protesters," I said.
"No, that's not it. It's one of the checkpoints for an online zombie game," he replied.

I started feeling old that night.

Don't blink!

*Hands walker to NMUA*

I like it. Compared to porting and the rest it is at least amusing (to me, anyway).

Also I hate to think what a guy would do with the Venus de Milo.

"porting"? I couldn't find out what that means via Google. Does that mean I'm doubly old?

I gotta figure out what to do with the Abe Lincoln statue in the middle of the UW Campus. He's sitting in a chair with his hands on his legs, so could be a challenge. I'll have to wait for him to stand up when a virgin walks by, as is his custom.

Does Abe stand up everytime you walk by padraig?

nursecindy, Abe stands up every time.

Thanks for the correction JSG. It's 26 degrees here in the sunny south and I'm freezing to death.

I think this craze actually might have some merit. Smashing wine bottles against your skull is just dumb, but this one needs creativity, and you have to admit some of these have the potential to be really funny.

cindy, he salutes me. Abe's grateful that I've seriously cut down his workload. Sucker was practically doing jumping jacks before I moved to town.

I have no idea WTF 'porting' is, but this compares very favorably to 'milking', 'wining' (oh wait - THAT kind of port?), and 'planking'. Also many activities regularly performed for our amusement or enlightenment by professional entertainers and/or politicians.

Obviously padraig's cheese hat is on a little too tight.

Pad's from Wisconsin, which loves cheese too well.

I'm waitin' fer one that shows a person sittin' under the hindquarters of sum General's horse, & they've got a "muffin" on their head ...

There have to be some limits on this kind of statue of imitations.

Porting is a recent internet trend in which people post pictures of themselves, converting code from one operating system or one language to another.

Since the pictures consisted almost exclusively of flabby nerds, drinking coffee while hunched over terminals, it was not especially funny, and the meme was over quickly.


Ok, Porting is a recent internet trend in which people post pictures of themselves, attempting to sink old destroyers across the channels of European seaports in an effort to prevent German U-boats from ...

Oh, forget it.

I was walking up Wall Street the other night and there was a line of tourists waiting to have their picture taken grabbing the bull statue's testicles.

Hey, up here we NEVER start the party until we put our cheese hats on, IYKWIM...

And w-dog? It is impossible to love cheese too much. Cheese Doodles, yes.

Just Some Guy & Betsy: porting?

Here you go.

Something about nursecindy and Michelangelo's David......

Thank you, Jeff Meyerson. I should have figured that out. It's an interesting Google challenge.

Port was the first store bought wine I ever drank. If you drink it too fast you will throw up--too much sugar.

Just as I thought. This craze was invented after someone got plastered.

Back to the subject of statue attacks, HERE is a statue getting its revenge on a pigeon.

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