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December 20, 2012


They believe he was acting out over his son’s one-day suspension. In a TV interview, Festerman said his whole family enjoys carrying out “Liquid Ass ” pranks wherever they go...

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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What a lovely family. They have quite the appropriate surname.

Name fits them, Festerman.

Part of the joy of living in a free market economy. That company is fulfilling a NEED!

Yeah, I'd say Dec 21 and the end can't come soon enough. The EOT (end of times) would at least stop a reality show based on this family.

Oh, we're a classy bunch up here, no doubt about that.

I do indeed sense an ass here, and it's not the aerosol variety.

The dingleberry does not fall far from the sphincter.

Most of us have a special aroma that takes us back, mentally, home for the holidays.
Their aroma is just more special than most.
That boy was just spreading Yule Jeer.

Sassy Class Ass Passes Stink Jinks.

If you outlaw fart jokes only Dad's will have fart jokes.

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