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December 07, 2012


Rotting Whale Casts Foul Stench Into Malibu

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins)


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There’s a slow, slow whale comin’ up around the bend meets Any Place I Hang My Whale Is Home"

Larry Hagman?

That'snot a whale its Ed Asner


Whale blubber + fire = one giant bonfire on the beach?

I'll bring the marshmallows. Who's bringing the chocolate bars and the graham crackers?

We're gonna need a bigger trash bag.

The article said there would be a fowl stench. Wouldn't it be more of a cetacean stench? Strive for accuracy when describing aromas..... And another thing, since the whale died naturally and it is just lying there, could the Vegans eat it?

Karma for this season's " 3-1/2 Men " .

911, what's your emergency?

Listen, you're not going to believe what my dog just brought home!

Oh, Omni, you caused me to flash back to a dog I saw on the side of a highway. He was big and wearing a nice leather collar. He was obviously an indoor dog most of the time.
He was rolling over and over in...something. Something that had fur at one point. It had a certain bouquet.
"Here, boy! C'mon, it's time to come in...Go away, boy!"

Back on the so-called "farm" where I grew up (more of a rest home for useless horses, actually) our dogs dragged in something that absolutely looked like a disembodied head. Turned out to be a wad of horse-tail-hair, matted with burrs.

Where's an eskimo when you need on?

Probably hanging at the krispy creme with the cops, the hot doughnut light just came on

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