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December 10, 2012


Are you man enough to wear meggings?


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Somehow, the pics and the list of people who have been spotted wearing these -- things -- does not resonate with the phrase "man enough."

Make that "do not".

I'm assuming that they don't come with the Christmas ball sack ornament?

I would steal his purse and bitch slap him. No way I could help myself.

"they have started to take New York by storm, sported by the likes of Justin Bieber"

Ummmm..."Sandy" was a storm. Justin Bieber is a highly localized transient atmospheric disturbance.

"Let's get out of this ladies clothing and get into our tights!"

Snork @ HogsAteMySister. I prefer men that look like men.

OMG. So gross. I would start laughing

Betsy, as a lifglong New Yorker let me reassure you (as you undoubtedly know already) that that statement is total bullcrap. I know I don't travel (thank all that's holy) in Bieber circles, but other than the Bieber/Lohan/Kardashian crowd you will never see meggings on a real person.

How sweet!

My dignity would never speak to me again.

Jeff...Thank you. I'm not a lifelong New Yorker but I've had a long life as a human being residing on Planet Earth in Galaxy MediaHyperbole, and based on that, I felt fairly confident in my statement.
P.S. If it ever DOES take NY by storm, you can always flee to Chicago; we'll take you in!

I've been looking at it again and I think it's Rob Schneider.

the real question is not are you man enough. the real question is why would you want to be "that much of a man" A real man's man, NTTAWWT

Oh, and before I forget, Damn Margaret Thatcher.

Throw a shearling coat on him and he could pass for a monkey.

Did you read the comments at the end of the article?

"Benny of Brisbane Posted at 8:49 AM Today
I personally wouldn't, not from being homophobic or shy, just that I dont want particular areas squeezed and tight, a reasonable amount of motion and flow should occur. If kilts were fashionable I would be all about the kilt!"

You just KNOW that judi is, as I type this, attempting to track down Benny of Brisbane!

Looks like a skin disease.

Protip: If Russel Brand thinks something is a good idea, it isn't. Well, ok maybe breathing and eating are exceptions. Maybe.

what an asshat. that's all i got.

What would Austin Powers say?

Man is NOT the word I think of when I see those. Nope not even close, no... no way. Uh Uh.

Not exactly new...Conan O'Brien modeled rhe same style more than 2 years ago:

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