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December 03, 2012


Whisky saves man's eyesight after being blinded by vodka

(Thanks to padraig, who says, "The Irish have known this for centuries.")


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Johnny Walker Black
Until your sight comes back.

"He blinded me with vodka...".

All right, sir. Now put on your new beer goggles and tell me how far down this chart you can read.

Um, no, that's Nurse Snookie you're looking at. The chart is over here.

This is an inspirational story. "PERIMETER" !

Ah, the joy of postedhood.

Not to mention the fun of reversible brain damage.

What a coincidence. I just read this article was about to send it in. Good thing I checked first.

Since when is Johnnie Black "expensive whisky"?


Highland Park / Macallan drinker here.

Next up: "Syphillis Saves Man from Gonorrhea"

I'm a chemist. I have never heard of methanol poisoning through diabetes medicine. Seems to me, he drank bum moonshine.

Here's to alcohol. The cause of, and cure, for all of life's problems.- Homer Simpson

Will ice cream keep people from getting fat ? If not, then who cares ?

I don't CARE if it's just a hangnail, that hospital gets my next business.

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