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December 09, 2012


Now everybody's porting.


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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I've ported a few things from COBOL to C and Python (The language, not the snake). Does that count?

Anyone who wastes good booze (wine is booze, right?) this way should be keel hauled!

I've ported canoes and kayaks, but we in the US call it "docking".

I just wish they'd all quit wine-ing!

Probably safer this way. Marks and Sparks port is not to be taken internally.

How proud his parents must be!

What's new about porting? Jeez, back in the nineties, our stuff ran on 26 different flavors of Unix. All we did was porting ... What?

I love a good port wine.
I'm guessing this is not good port wine.

How many people are now hearing their mothers say, "If your friends (fill in the blank), would you do it, too?"
With my mother, it was "jumped off the roof".
Which, BTW, I did when my father built his pool so close to the house and I only stopped because my wife said I was being a bad example for the kids and made me.

With some ports this is better than drinking them. But a 1985 Taylor Flagate? Sacralige.

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