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December 17, 2012


Do not click here.

Really. Do not.

("Thanks" to Unholy Slacker)

p.s. Really.


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I just read his "update". I feel like I threw up just a little inside my mouth.

When he finally gets his "threesome", I hope the other two guys have just as good a time as he is promising!

I need to go disinfect myself. I just wasted two perfectly good minutes reading about this creep.

I saw this flick. 'The thing: fractured and bleeding do not click here' episode on the old Dyck Van Dyke show. Maybe that was on the Sci-Fi network.

Esthetic effects update:

Oh, Rob!

I guess his girlfriend was really the ultimate fighter.

The Blemish.


Men can be such babies. It's just a little boo-boo.

Major snork at NC! Ain't it the truth. Let em' try passing an 8 lb. turkey through any orifice.

Then again, easy for me to say because I've never had kids.

NC! This manly tattooed stud muffin of a man is bragging about his broken salami and you call it a LITTLE boo-boo. He may never play the piano again.


Having experienced the "joy" of childbirth (that was a quote, no doubt from a guy), I can tell you that twisting your ding-a-ling is just a boo boo, as NC said!

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