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December 14, 2012


Group 1 winning sprinter Shellscrape will recommence his race career with Nikki Burke in 2013 after many foals belonging to the stallion’s first crop were born without tails.

(Thanks to Jenny Kellner)


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The stud was getting a little tail?

LM ... I wuz wonderin' if a HE-horse had failed @ gettin' a little piece of tail ... NTTAWWT ...

In the USA, cattle are being born without tails. These ranches are located in fracking zones. This stud ranch is in Australia (New South Wales), which also has experienced a lot of fracking. Is there a connection here?

Do we need more de tails?

Years ago, a relative of mine worked in an ad agency in the heart of thoroughbred country. They got a job doing a brochure for a stud farm. Unfortunately, the account exec was clueless about horses, breeding, and probably a lot else. Anyway, they got in a bunch of beauty-shot photos of the stallions, and the exec ordered the artists to air-brush out the genitalia, not realizing that they were the selling points. He got fired, quickly.

Along with the letter (that tells you how long ago this was) in which he told me this story, my relative included a photo of a horse onto which he'd applied a pair of polka-dot briefs.

That is hilarious, Omniskeptic

Phil, I think so. Horses are different than cows. This sounds like a genetic cause, here.

Have they thought about hair extensions?

So they can trace who he's "horsed around with?" If only we could do that with men.

**creeping away slowly**

"A tail of a horse, and the boy who loved him...."

What? Oh, "tale". Got it.

Didn't sound creepy in the 50's.

Somebody fire up the Gezzermobile....

A simple game of pin-the-tail-on-the-horsie will solve all problems, except for Omniskeptic's airbrushed genitalia. I mean that in the nicest possible way...

"What? Oh, "tale". Got it.

Didn't sound creepy in the 50's.

Somebody fire up the Gezzermobile...."


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