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December 21, 2012


Man bites snake

(Thanks to Ralph)


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HEY! I thought we were supposed to be gone by now! DANG! Guess I will have to pay my bills and shower after all.

Man bites snake. Now that's a news story.

Just imagine the breath on that guy.


Isn't that an EKG hookup he's wearing? Cindy?

"admits he’d had a few drinks before the incident..."

i'll bet.

OK - fixed!

Thanks, Judi.

A brown snake is one of the worlds top ten deadliest snakes. Impressive, but I want to see him do it to a 25 ft anaconda.

He's lucky his teeth didn't pierce the venom gland. Incredibly dumb.

Ralph, we had a bad case of carpet pythons here, but we fixed it by tearing it all out and putting in hardwood.

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