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December 08, 2012


Gun Found In Package Of Frozen Ribs At New Mexico Store

(Thanks to jon harris)


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Made in China. Obviously.

Well, it was Roswell.

Maybe it was mafia training. "Stick the gun in his ribs, and..."

' - police say they're reviewing cases to see if the gun was used in any crimes.'

smokin' ribs?

.38 Super is an under-appreciated cartridge. It actually out-performs 9mm and .38 Special, but it seems to be used mostly by the Practical Shooting guys and those who hunt with handguns. Not so much for defense purposes or law enforcement, which leads me to guess that this one was jacked from somewhere, prior to finding its home amidst the meat.

Is no one else shocked that in December 2012 a grocery store is preparing to sell meat that was processed in June 2011?

Lends new meaning to bite the bullet

I'm on Ms. Flukey's wave length here. "Suddenly he he sensed cold steel in his ribs. He glanced down. It was a .38. A slight shudder ran through his body as the icy metal bit into his flesh..."

[Add long-legged blond, trench-coat, lipstick-stained cigarette butt, etc]

Nope, you shouldn't be shocked by the age of the meat.
I once investigated an alleged case of food poisoning from 5 year-old chicken. This chicken had been overlooked in an industrial freezer for all that time.
The lab could find no viable disease-causing organisms on the chicken.
Freezing generally (!) suspends the time issue. But we're not talking about home freezer temps, here.
I've inspected many freezers at 20 to 40 below 0. I did not dawdle. My flashlight batteries routinely failed after about 2 minutes.

One additional comment: if you stand in one place for very long, you can freeze to the floor. You can still walk off, but it's hard on the shoes.

I noticed the date too. The meat might be more of a hazard than the gun.

Steve, are you talking about being in a freezer or being in Minneapolis?

*Snork* @ Omni!!

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