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December 14, 2012


‘Best Funeral Ever’ TV show in the works

(Thanks to jon harris)


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We put the FUN in funeral.

I am so hoping the Kardashian family is featured in the pilot.

I hope the place we are staying has cable.

Thank goodness for Netflix.

Funeral? Toss me on a compost pile with a toe tag that says "Moved; no forwarding address."

Meh. I'd watch "Worst Funeral Ever" or "Most Vomitty Bar Mitzvah Ever", but not this.

Um, Ralph, if you've moved, maybe you're not ready for the burn pile, yet.
I'm going for cremation, too. But I like to tell people that I plan to start smoking again.

I too would like to be composted. At the funeral/wake there'd be a big wood chipper, lots of carbonous material (leaves, straw), and the results put into my garden. The next year the tomatoes would be tasty !

"I ran the first Funereal Raffle,
Though I don't much like to boast.
And I gave away a Chevrolet
To the person that cried the most!

(He gave away
a brand-new Chev-Ro-Laaay!)

(I won it myself!)"

[from The Chad Mitchell Trio's observational commentary, circa 1965.]

"If there's a country and western heaven, I hope it fills up real soon." -- author unknown (to me, anyway)

people are just dying to participate!

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