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December 07, 2012


'Bill Gates of bud' ready to capitalize on high-end pot retail

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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Well, that explains a lot about Windows Vista, doesn't it?

OK, people, let's come up with some "brand" names of our own.
For various reasons, I think "Bud" is out.
"Token Smoke"?
"High Five" for mini-packs?

Oh... like... wow, man. ( giggles )

Doors of Perception
Here, Smoke This
Medicinal Oregano
Not Windows Vista
Find your foot!
Hey, maaaan ... like, do you really think we should be putting these pictures on, you know, like, Facebook?

All copyright 2012 by Omnicorp

So now I can diversify my portfolio to include stocks and bongs.

I forgot what we were talking about.

Next year they will legalize rolling papers

Wait....did you hear that? Sounded like...I forget what I was talking about...

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