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December 18, 2012


A DAD faces jail after admitting to biting off another man's finger at a school nativity play.

(Thanks to DaninTustin)


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When I saw the headline I thought DAD was an acronym.

Lets see what suggestion we can come up with.

Michael Dent

Any kin to Arthur Dent?

IT is..............Dumb A** Dude

Must be a really rough school!

I'm guessing these weren't two of the three wise men.

Hope he didn't bite off the magic finger.

This showed up on TRU TV a while back. There wasn't any video, so they recreated it with South-Park-ish animation.

Was it World's Dumbest Brawlers, Omni? I think I saw that one, too.

This guy seems to have Christmas issues.
Maybe he was just one little stocking stuffer short.

Steve - or maybe he is compensating for a small stocking stuffer IYKWIM.

Spiny - Yeah, I think it was that one. It's the show that has (if you can imagine it) Tonya Harding and Judy Gold, both, as "commentators." Snark and Snarkier.

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