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December 20, 2012


Sheriff’s Arrest Woman Suspected Of Christmas Decoration Thefts

(Thanks to Crhis Elzi)

Denny's Christmas Tree Set Aflame By Man Angry About Long Wait

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Oh, Lord. At least tell me she actually wanted the decorations, not that she was being an energy zealot.

Replacing your old lights with LEDs is a step in the direction of being environmentally responsible.

there was a long wait at a denny's?

Flames Over My Hammy.... $ 7.95

“That she would walk up to the front door and take something. It scared me for my kids safety.”

Do you fear what I fear?
A thief, a thief
Sneaking through the grass
With a wreath as big as her

"denny's" broke the blog?

Let's see if this fixed it.

Good one, Ralph.

There's a conspiracy to keep this info secret but grammaw is blowing the lid off now: At your own home you can serve yourself big piles of greasy viands with your own germy hands and never have to wait for a table!

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