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December 22, 2012


Iowa Court: Bosses Can Fire 'Irresistible' Workers

(Thanks to jon harris)


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One man's "irresistable" is another's Manilow.

I think we need to see the pictorial evidence.

This is the same mentality that forces women to wear burqas a little east of Iowa.

"if his pants were bulging that was a sign her clothes were too revealing"

Nothing like wishful thinking.

Thank goodness I don't live in Iowa. I'd never be able to keep a job!

Fire these "judges". This isn't Saudi Arabia, and she has her rights.

Sorry, this is a pathetic situation. It is tragic, not funny.

@nurcecindy- are you for hire?

Don hete me beccuss A'm beautivul.

PirateBoy - couldn't agree more.

It seems terribly unjust to me, but what do I know?

The ACLU tried to file an illegal discrimination lawsuit, but in all of Iowa they could not find one member of this oppressed minority.

After reading that dentists' remarks, I suspect the female bloglits are planning a field trip to his office that involves the use of duct tabe, knockout gas, and creative applications for his drill.

Odd, for some reason I have never been fired for this reason? Does the same apply to being too ugly?

I'm not a boss, but if I were, I wouldn't hire an attractive woman. There's too much pressure out there already.

Reactionary ol' me is having a hard time figuring out why anyone would think she has the right to stay employed by that private small business whether the boss and his co-worker wife want her there or not.

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