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December 18, 2012


Now: Frosting.

(Thanks to Loudmouth)


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Saw that yesterday. Didn't send it. Too stupid.

I lie on the couch in the summer. Wanna see a picture of me doing it in the winter?

Freeze your willy.

This has gone far enough. Gonna start my own gerund-based meme. Let's see, what's readily available?

- Rulering: posting pictures of smacking yourself with a ruler (Got one right here handy.)
- Snarking: posting pictures of yourself posting sarcastic comments on a blog
- Posturing: posting pictures of yourself making self-serving political pronunciamentos (Nope. I'd have to move to Washington or Lansing or maybe Detroit. Not doin' that.)
- Um, um ... what can I reach without getting out of my chair? Letter-openering! Megabit-hubbing! Uh, lessee here, mousing!

This went on for some time. Police believe coffee was involved.

Anybody wanting to combine the trends up here in frozen cheese country had better not pour milk on their head when it's -20. You may call it Creamcile-ing, we would call it instant cryogenics.

I wear a sweater AND a coat when it get's below 55 degrees here. I would never make it in Canada. I also did not know that Canadians got tattoos.

I tried that once not long ago. It took forever to get the damned stuff out of my hair. Wait. What? Oh.


Dibs on "fadding".
This is where and idiot gets a camera.
That should just about cover it.

Make that "an".
I'm and idiot.


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