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December 25, 2012


...Santa arrives by boat.



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Don Johnson has not aged well...

A boat, arriving in Miami at night. I'd be worried about what's in those packages.

No, those are bales, not bails. Big difference. Huge!

And we now also know what made Rudolf's nose so bright.

When he got ashore did he get a green card or are they deporting him back to the Arctic.

Scuba Santa didn't work. Too bad.

In Australia, he arrives by surfboard :-> http://adland.tv/commercials/aldi-surfing-santas-perfect-aussie-christmas-2012-30-australia

JaniceG's surfboard link

And his two eyes glowed like..... um, like.... the glowing eyes of a dude?


Nice legs on that elf behind him in the blue mini-mini-dress. I know what I want for next Christmas.

His eyes only glow like that after, maybe, the fifteenth eggnog.
Just before he falls out of the boat.

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