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December 07, 2012


Debbie and Mike VanNoy say that their dog has brought home all kinds of creatures in the past, but they were stunned when he returned to their Missouri home this week with the head of an alligator.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Mr VanNoy told WDAF: 'I’m sure it’s an isolated thing, but that’s still gonna be in the back of my head.'

The same thought might have been in the 'gator's head as well.

This dog works for the mafia. Show him great respect.

You should have expected something like this might happen when Mizzou joined the Southeastern Conference this year.



Hi. Could I interest you in this real nice gator head? I'll trade you for, oh, say, that sandwich you're eating.

Stupid dog. How are you supposed to make a nice pair of shoes and a purse out of the head? Go fetch the rest of the gator and then I'll be impressed.

The VanNoys got no help from their local Animal Control, who told the couple that they wouldn’t be investigating the discovery because it was found in an area not known to be inhabited by gators.

A non-native with no iD? In Arizona they'd deport it immediately.

Good Boy! Good Boy!

Let's see, dog vs. alligator.
Some days, you're the windshield. Some days, you're the bug.

Lends a new meaning to "getting head"

"Alligator pear, crocogator pear, that's why they're so mean."

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