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December 01, 2012

Hunt update

Nobody knows what the HELL is going on.



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Is that a good sign?

Isn't that the point of the exercise?

It seems that more people prefer pie cake to granola crackerjack.

"Nobody knows what the HELL is going on."
Send them to Washington.

The team I was previously on made it all the way to the end, but was not one of the top three. Next year!

sounds like home. I never know what is going on.

That should be the official motto of the Hunt.

Renee, actually, I submitted the following this week: "Come for the puzzles, stay for the explanation."

Did anyone win, or are you all still blundering around in the dark?

Another great Hunt and with that the realization that I could NEVER, EVER attempt to try to figure out the warped psychotic brilliant minds of Dave and Tom. This is why I volunteer. We stoopid people are good for something. Weasel and I were pouring kool-aid punch to the unsuspecting crowd as part of a clue. I believe someone did win. Or they're still out there trying to figure out those signs. Nothing new here in Miami. Thanks, Dave for the fun times!!

Spam? Hard to tell with the typical comments seen on this blog.....

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