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December 19, 2012


The Christmas Tree Vibrator

(Thanks to wiredog)


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I will admit the mental image that produced did not match the one in the article very much.

I've been on this blog too long. This is totally NOT what I thought it was.


“transmit a highly pleasing two-dimensional vibration thereto without interference with the decorations.”

Ladies, does this sound like something you might like? Y'know, because I still need to pick up some odds and ends for Mrs. Layzee. Not exactly where I'd get her decorations, though.

Sure. Not exactly sure. I certainly would get her decorations there. Oh, nevermind.

So let me get this straight: A plant caught a buzz from a human?

A little strong coffee in the water pan gets the poor tree jittering as well.

Its what makes the world go round.

Especially for trees of the genus Pinus.

I've never heard of anything so rrrrreeeeeddddiiicccuuulllooouuuusss....

Surprised that a Christmas tree vibrator didn't make the gift guide this year.

This would make the missus twinkle. And that has to be good. HoHoHo.

But isn't a fir the natural place for a little vibrator action?

50 Shades of Green.

Leaves that pine fresh scent afterwards.

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