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December 07, 2012


Man stole money from driver's bra

Guess the state.

(Thanks to Scott Marcusky)


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What a boob!

We need pictures of the driver to see exactly how big a crime this was.

The news media will keep us abreast of this event.

Remarkable dexterity, I must say. On both their parts. She didn't crash into a convenience store or anything.

Sounds like she needs the full support of this blog.

He looks like Van Gogh.
Off with his ear!

Yeah, he got the cash but it was no more than a handful of nipples nickels.

Did anyone get video?

I'd like to see some guy try this with me. For instance right at this very minute I have two $50.00 bills in my bra. Just try to get them out. Really, give it a try. I won't mind.

What's all this bra-hah-hah?

Twin Fifties there, eh, n'cin'?

You'll kill us!

No, no I won't.

Yes you will! You killed Mr. Harrison!

No, I won't. I promise I won't kill you. Now, come at me with the banana!


Now, the first thing to do when confronted by a bra bandit is to ... release the tiger!

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