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December 02, 2012


Kansas dad tries cutting BB from son's head with utility knife

(Thanks to J.R. Absher)


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It wouldn't have occurred to a real guy that it needed to come out.

He forgot the whiskey and the bullet for the kid to bite.

"Son, this is going to hurt me worse than it hurts you."

"Wanna bet?"

If he didn't have health insurance, I can understand not taking the kid to the hospital for a minor injury, but a sharp Swiss Army knife or a Leatherman would have been a better choice -- you have a variety of surgical tools.

Big deal. Which of us hasn't done this?

This has happened plenty of times before. The Dad should have squirted some orajel on it to deaden the pain and then squished the BB out, like a splinter. There is no reason for law enforcement or anyone else to get involved.

My friends and I were shot with BB guns many times when we were kids.

I'm sure Dremel has some kind of attachment for this.

Dumbass, duct tape & WD-40.

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